Hi there everyone,

I have a couple of questions.  What is the best SSL to use on Windows - Apache 2.0 
(And above) and how easy is it to configure?  Which is the most stable release of PHP 
to use as currently I use a version from early last year (Don't remember the number 
off hand).

I'm asking as i'm considering running my server from home, which leads me to my next 
question :-)  In Orlando, Florida (If anyone lives anywhere around here that is :-) 
what kind of DSL line can I get for around $1500 a year?  Currently I pay about $600 
for my cable connection, but was thinking DSL would be better if I run my actual 
server from here, any thoughts?

Sorry that this is somewhat off topic (But not totally) but everyone on here is very 
noligable and PHP is the main theme of the server i'll be setting up.

Thanks :-)


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