What about two tables, one would have this:

the second this:

This table would be static and if a car was not present in certain conditions 
they would contain (-1) for the carID.  Then finding an empty slot to place an 
incoming car should be doable (stepping through to find (-1), and when a car is 
removed from a slot, then you could update the list, just dump out 
the 'current' order into an array, and then you would be able to sort, order, 

Hope this makes sense.

> Heh. Sounds like a programming class homework project.
> I would say through the clever use of where clauses's, like:
> UPDATE position SET posistion = (position-1) WHERE position >
> $idremoved;
> Would work, assuming $idremoved containted the position of the car
> removed.
> On Mon, 2003-03-03 at 10:59, Rankin, Randy wrote:
>     Hello All,
>     This may be a bit off topic. If so, my apololgies. 
>     A client of mine, a rail car storage company, has asked that I
>     create a
>     PHP/MySQL application in which they will maintain and track rail
>     cars. I am
>     having a bit of trouble however working through one of thier
>     requirements.
>     They need to know in what position the rail car is on each track.
>     For
>     example, they might have a track called X which will hold 30 rail
>     cars. They
>     would enter the car information for 30 cars and associate each of
>     them with
>     track X. If one of the car owners decides to move car 3 out of
>     storage, then
>     the remaining 29 cars must be re-numbered ( ie; car 1 and 2 would
>     remain and
>     car 4-30 would become car 3-29 ). In the same manner, I need to be
>     able to
>     add a car to the track once an empty slot is available. For example,
>     If the
>     new car goes at the front of the track then it would become car 1
>     and the
>     remaining cars, originally numbered 1-29 would become 2-30. 
>     I hope I explained thourougly. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>     Randy
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