> I have a MySQL column that was set to date.
> In my PHP page, I have a form and a field called 'Sch_StartDate'.  I'm
> having difficultes understanding how to write to the date column in MySQL.
> If I send 03/04/02    for March 4, 2002, the value that gets stored in the
> MySQL database is 2003-04-02 for April 2nd, 2003.
> The field is set to to send as a date:
> GetSQLValueString($HTTP_POST_VARS['Sch_StartDate'], "date")
> So how do I send dates to MySQL so that it stores it correctly?

MySQL expects the date in a YYYY-MM-DD or YYYYMMDD format. You can actually
use other characters as the delimiter instead of the dash (-) character, as
long as the year, month, and day are in the right order. As you've seen, you
can also pass it a two digit year and it'll assume what century you mean.

---John Holmes...

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