Thanks for the feedback, Gerard. One thing I've learned in this experiment
is that once the data is serialized and put into the readBy (TEXT) column, I
can't really do any queries that do comparisons on the data stored in that
column because of the serialization "markup". Unfortunately, this is a
requirement in this particular case.

I can hear the collective "Duh!" from everybody out there now ;^) What can I
say, I had to learn the hard way.

Unless I'm wrong, it looks as if I need to go back to doing
implode()/explode() on this data in order to preserve the comparisons I need
to do inside other queries. Which I don't mind, I was just hoping
serialize()/unserialize() would make life easier.

Lesson learned.


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> Hutchins, Richard wrote:
> >I have an array of values I want to store in a MySQL db in a 
> column called
> >readBy of type TEXT. I want to take that array and serialize 
> it then insert
> >it into the db. No big deal. When I query the db and get the 
> value from the
> >readBy column, I know I have to unserialize it. Again, no big deal.
> >
> >My question about all of this is once I unserialize the data from the
> >column, can I immediately use the array_push() function to 
> append additional
> >data to the unserialized data? 
> >
> I would imagine because the output of unserialize() is of the array 
> type.  Unless, there was an error unserializing it.
> >Will the unserialized data immediately be
> >recognized/treated as an array? 
> >
> Yes.
> >Also, is the TEXT dolumn type an appropriate
> >column type to store serialized data or is there another 
> column type that
> >should be used?
> >
> If you can guarantee that the data doesn't go above 256 
> characters, then 
> a varchar column can be used.
> But serialized data can get pretty big, so anticipate for it, 
> by using 
> text columns.
> -- 
> Gerard Samuel

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