> One of our customers has written a php application that we are hosting.
> Basically, there is a province/state table which populates a combo box.
> When the form containing this combo box is submitted, the information is
> added into the database.
> The problem is that when nothing is selected from the combo box, it adds a
> number which seems to be random in the database, rather than the
> province/state ID which it references from the province table. Obviously
> there are many methods of avoiding this such as javascript to make sure
> something is selected, or even giving the combo box a default value, but I
> was wondering if anyone knew why the database itself isn't catching the
> error (foreign key violation) and accepting the data.
> Any ideas?

Are you using InnoDb tables? Otherwise there are no foreign key

How about some validation to make sure something is selected? Or, some
validation that'll give the value a default if nothing is selected.

Validate everything from the user!

---John Holmes...

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