Hi All,

This is a newbie question. I am using PHP Version 4.2.3 with
register_globals=off. I am trying to creating a simple address book with
mysql as the backend. I have a  form that passes what the user wants to
query from the address book and it returns everything in a table with column
heading just fine. I use $myvar1=$_POST['myvar1']; to pass the info from the
form to the php file.

I am using the following in the header fields of the table:
<th nowrap> <a href="<?php echo "$PHP_SELF?order_by=FIRSTNAME"; ?>">First
Name</a> </th>

This doesn't work (I get a bunch of errors) and I think it's because the
variable from $_POST are not staying persistent. I tried playing around with
session with no luck.

What is the best way to resort on a column?



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