I need help.  I need to convert a Date column in MySQL where the date is
stored like "2003-01-15" to the following seconds "1042621252 ".  I'm
connecting the database through PHP to third party solution that requires
this.  Here is the only information that was given:

 - Dates and times are passed in as seconds (not milliseconds) since
   and converted into Date Objects by multiplying by 1000 and then add the
   TimeZoneOffset to get it to local time:

  startTime = 10710812; // startTime is the number of seconds between the
req'd date and 1/1/1970
  startTimeObj = Date(startTime * 1000 + (new Date().getTimezoneOffset() *

 - startDate and endDate combine the the date and time of events

I have no idea how to convert my date colums into this type.  Any help would
be GREATLY appreciated!


Doug Coning

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