I am currently working on a shop system, which works with flashmx and php
and uses a mysql-database to read the path of the protected mp3s and so the
mp3s are passed to the flashmovie through php using the file-functions. The
shop also reads out the directories and parses the xml-output of the
php-file so that one can choose the files in the flash-movie. I think with a
little work and user-distinguishing it would be possible to create private

You can see the shop on http://www.help-music.at/cms_global.php?id=18 (but
its not finished yet...) If you are interested in the fla mail me under

- matthias steinböck


> Hi there,
> Im currently working on a teaching system for the Uni of Vienna. I have a
> problem though. We have over 2000 sound files (mp3s) of phrases and words.
> But students are having problems playing them because of different
> configuration setups.
> At the moment they need flash for certain tasks, so it would make sense to
> play the sound through a small flash movie - as they will have the plug-in-
> I am working with Flash MX, but I cant seem to get a movie to get the
> address of the mp3 from the database, and then play it.
> It would be perfect if I had a solution of 1 Flash movie/PHP script which
> can "pull" in the sound link and play the file. This same movie would be
> used throughout the site.
> Any help would be brilliant
> Thanks a lot
> James Riley

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