> I want to take away two times stored in the format "00:00:00" in a mysql
> database, i retrieve the times and take them away by using the following
> $total = $time1 - $time2 ;
> when i echo the total it is a whole number of the hours.. and does not
> the minutes into account, anyone have an idea of how to get an exact
> to 2decimal places of the subtraction of the two times?

Read the manual. These two functions will probably come in handy (assuming

Returns the seconds argument, converted to hours, minutes, and seconds, as a
value in 'HH:MM:SS' or HHMMSS format, depending on whether the function is
used in a string or numeric context:
mysql> SELECT SEC_TO_TIME(2378);
        -> '00:39:38'
mysql> SELECT SEC_TO_TIME(2378) + 0;
        -> 3938

Returns the time argument, converted to seconds:
mysql> SELECT TIME_TO_SEC('22:23:00');
        -> 80580
mysql> SELECT TIME_TO_SEC('00:39:38');
        -> 2378So... SELECT
SEC_TO_TIME(TIME_TO_SEC(column1)-TIME_TO_SEC(column2)) AS Difference
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