Hi all,

Permit to recive your valuable knowledege :)

I would like to  know that what good does Persist connection to a database
do i.e,
1. Will it increse the performance  (My DB and Apache are on same Machine)
2. Can a pErsist connection be Broken after the job has been done as we have
32 limited healthy conection to PostgreSQL
3. My code uses the normal connection parameters i I am convinced ft\rom
your replies would  it be possible for me to port the same code in persist
4. how would I use a Persist connection later in the script once it has been

Thanks in Advance.

V Kashyap
======= My Sys Looks as ==========
Red Hat 7.2 Kernel  2.4.7-10
PHP 4.3.0
GCC 3.0.2
Postgresql 7.3.2
Intel arch i686

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