Here's how I did a similar thing for  It enables members to
upload songs for their music station.

$root_dir = "d:/web/uploaded_songs/";
$folder = "$student_id";
$continue = "yes";

if (!is_dir("$root_dir/$folder"))
        //echo "the directory does not exist yet so I'll create it";
        if (!mkdir("$root_dir/$folder", "0700"))
                echo "<tr><td class='headblack'>Error - couldn't create
                $continue = "no";
                echo "got here";

$filename = $HTTP_POST_FILES["userfile"]["name"];
$temp_file = $HTTP_POST_FILES["userfile"]["tmp_name"];
$file_type = $HTTP_POST_FILES["userfile"]["type"];

//echo "filename is $filename<br>\n";

if ((is_file("$root_dir/$folder/$filename")) && ($continue == "yes"))
        echo "<tr><td class='headblack'>You have already submitted a song with the
same file name.";
        $continue = "no";

if (($file_type == "audio/mpeg") && ($continue == "yes"))
        if (copy($temp_file, "$root_dir/$folder/$filename"))
                echo "<tr><td class='headblack'>Thank you for submitting your

                $msg = "$first_name $last_name ($email) submitted a song.

Folder/File Name: uploaded_songs/$folder/$filename

Name of Song: $song_name

Is this song a cover or original? $song_type

If original, who wrote the song? $songwriter

Musicians: $musicians

Is this song copyrighted? $copyrighted

Musical Syles: $music_styles";

                $mailto = "[EMAIL PROTECTED]";
                //$mailto = "[EMAIL PROTECTED]";

                $mail_subject = "PGS - song submission from $first_name $last_name";

                $from = "From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]";

                $replyto = "Reply-to: $mailto\n\n";             // should go to Web 
site to respond

                mail($mailto, $mail_subject, $msg, $from, $replyto);

                echo "<tr><td class='headblack'>Error - There was a problem uploading 
                $continue = "no";
} // *** end of if (is_file("$root_dir/$folder/$filename")) ***

elseif ($continue == "yes")
        echo "<tr><td class='headblack'>The file type is not correct. We only
accept MP3 files.</td></tr>";

Beverly Steiner

-----Original Message-----
From: Stephen K Knight [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sent: Friday, March 07, 2003 12:50 AM
Subject: [PHP-DB] I need some help with php code please

I am trying to upload an image to my webserver.  This is the PHP page that
is called from my html page.  I am trying to upload the image to my folder
called "logos"  the direct link would be:  C:\Program Files\Apache
Group\Apache2\htdocs\logos  I am not sure what I am doing wrong in the code
below.  Can someone please look and help me so that I can upload the image
to that folder.

Thank you!
In Kindness
Stephen K Knight


 $abpath = "/logos/" . $newname;

echo "FileUpload2.php";
echo $username;
echo $newname;
echo $abpath;

   //copy the file
 //  copy($userfile, "$abpath");

   //destroy the uploaded file
//   unlink($userfile);

   // write javascript to store the newname
//   echo "<script language='javascript'>\n";
//   echo "newname = '" . $newname . "';\n";
//   echo "</script>\n";

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