Below is all of my code.  The first is my html page that calls my php page.
I do not know php well enough to edit the code to make this work.  I need
the image to go to a folder called "logos" on my C drive.  The actual path
C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\logos

Could someone please make the changes to my code so that it will work!
Thank you Thank you!!!

********HTML Page***********

<form action="fileupload2.php" method=post enctype="multipart/form-data">
submit this file: <input type=file name="userfile"><br>
rename to: <input type=text name="newname"><br>
<input type=submit><br>

**********PHP Page *************

 $abpath = "logos/" . $newname;

echo "FileUpload2.php";
echo $username;
echo $newname;
echo $abpath;

   //copy the file
 //  copy($userfile, "$abpath");

   //destroy the uploaded file
//   unlink($userfile);

   // write javascript to store the newname
//   echo "<script language='javascript'>\n";
//   echo "newname = '" . $newname . "';\n";
//   echo "</script>\n";


If someone could fix this I would greatly greatly apreciate it!

In Kindness
Stephen K Knight

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