I got a little project and I need to come up with a solution on how to
finish it and was hoping if you guys can give me any ideas.

I have a PERL script on a Unix AIX machine that checks for incoming update
of data.  Specificly what it does is, when it runs, it will look at the
corresponding directories in the AIX machine and record the time WHEN a data
has come in and check if the time is delayed or on time, kind of like how
the flight Arrival/departure information work in an airport.  After it
collects this information, it will store these information in a text file.

I need to display this information in a form of a web page so that my
internal staff can see this information.  I usually store this kind of
information in a MSSQL table and use PHP to general a page that collects its
information from the database/MSSQL table.

The way I want to do it, somehow store/update the data in the text file of
the AIX machine to the MSSQL table so that my php page would be able to get
the updated information for display. 

My problem is I haven't come up with a solution as to how I can pull this
text file out fo the AIX machine and transfer the data to the MSSQL table.

Anyone have an ideas?  IS there anything in PHP I can use to do this?  

Any help is appreicated, thanks!


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