I have a PHP page that writes to a mysql database. 
Now I have got that bit to work well.  Now I want to
send out an email once a person submits the details. 
So on the database I grab fields like name, gender,
email etc...  Now I want to grab the email and send
out an email something like below once they submit
their details.

Dear <name>,

Thankyou for signing up, please visit...


Now <name> is fetched from the name they give on the
form.  So how would I send an email out automatically
once they submit it?

Also, but not really required yet but ideas
appreciated, if the email BOUNCES is their a way to
remove the entry that the email bounced email matches?
 I'd say this would be more complicated but any
suggestions are welcome on this.  I could always
manually remove them for the time being.


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