oh, i've forgot to mention, I've already tried that, with the same result,
sorry my mistake. Even 12.12.2002 brings back the same result. It
doesn't make a difference if I use # or not.
But thx anayway, i'm sure it is some dumb mistake i made.

on 3/9/03 4:42 PM, Jan Bro at [EMAIL PROTECTED] appended the following bits to
my mbox:

> $datum_beginn="2002-12-12";
> $datensatz=odbc_exec($db_connection,"select * from Termin where
> I get an error message that data in criteria doesn't match. (free
> translation)

> The field Datumsfeld is a date field with the syntax DD.MM.YYYY (German

Maybe you should try the date in the syntax the database uses, i.e.,


Paul Burney

    while ($self != "asleep") {

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