If I understand your question correctly, you are interested in finding a way
to pull values from the URL and insert them into a form using just HTML, no

Going on that assumption, I'm pretty sure the answer is no. I think the only
way you can pull that off is with SOME kind of scripting language. PHP is
one option, but you may be able to use JavaScript to do it as well.

As a matter of fact, a quick search on Google for "Javascript GET values"
yielded many matches, of which, this one may be of particular interest to


You might also want to consider posting your question to a JS or general
HTML mailing list. You may get better/more responses since this list is
primarily concerned with the use of PHP with a database and your question
appears to be mostly HTML-based.

Good luck.

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> From: Stephen K Knight [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Sent: Sunday, March 09, 2003 10:06 PM
> Subject: [PHP-DB] Passing value in URL to Form
> I have managed to pass information through a URL and extract 
> it and insert
> it into a form on a php document.  Can this be done for an 
> html document?
> Passing the value through the URL to an html page with form 
> and then through
> a URL again into a php doc.  I tried the same method I used 
> in the php doc
> in the html doc but it didn't work.
> Any ideas?
> In kindness,
> Stephen
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