I took a quick look at your database layout and noticed that Practice_ID and
Clinical_Trial_ID are repeated in the Booking table.  This isn't necessary
because the Booking table links to the Project table which contains this
information.  In the Project table, Practice_ID and Clinical_Trial_ID should
probably just be foreign keys and not primary keys to that table.  Same
thing for User_ID and Project_ID in the Booking table.

To keep track of the data you will need to create a new table which is
linked to the Clinical_Trial table.  For instance you could create a table
called Clinical_Data which has the following fields:
        * Clinical_Data_ID (PK)
        * Clinical_Trial_ID (FK)
        * Data_Description - field that describes a piece of collected data (e.g.
blood pressure before hypnosis)

Is the User table where the client information goes?  You also need to
create a joining table between the User (or whatever table contains the
client info.) table and the Clinical_Data table.

Beverly Steiner

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I am creating a database for a web application. The idea for the application
is for a company administrator to be able to log into the site and allocate
staff to a project which will be a clinical trial at a particular practice.
Staff will be able to log in and update the status of the project they are
working on and clients will be able to log in and book a member of staff.
Administrators will be able to add / edit / delete - staff / clients /
clinical trials.

Here is my database diagram:

My problem is each different clinical trail will need to have different data
collected for it. How could I handle this in the database model? The
administrator would like to be able to edit the data collected for each
trial via the site...

Any other comments on my database model would be appreciated as this is my
weakest area of web development by far!

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