OK...  I have once again thought of something cool to do, and can't
quite figure out how to make it happen.  I am developing a user account
request system for work.  Things are coming along nicely.  The user logs
into the system, kind of, selects the systems that he wants to have accounts
added on, and then the next page is where the problems begin.  Once the user
selects the systems, the next page lists the systems selected along with a
dropdown for "Default Shell" and another dropdown for "Primary Group" and a
small text box for "Other Group".  The dropdowns are populating fine, and
everything is displaying on the screen as expected.  The problem I am having
is that the selections don't seem to work.  I have this page feed a final
page that also displays the selections as a result test.  I am seeing the
system names, but no shell or group information.  
        Here are some pertinent portions of the code with comments:

<<  Above code snipped  >>
$shell_list = getEnumOptions('accounts','shell');
$shell_tmp = "<select size=\"1\" name=\"shell\">\n";
$shell_tmp .= "<option>Default Shell</option>\n";
foreach ($shell_list as $item) {
  $shell_tmp .= "<option>$item</option>\n";
$shell_tmp .= "</select>\n";

mysql_select_db($database, $Prod);
$query_groups = "SELECT name FROM grps";
$groups_tmp = mysql_query($query_groups, $Prod) or die(mysql_error());
$grp_list = "<select size=\"1\" name=\"grp\">\n";
$grp_list .= "<option>Primary Group</option>\n";
$grp_list .= "<option>-----------</option>\n";
while($name = mysql_fetch_row($groups_tmp)) {
  $grp_list .= "<option>$name[0]</option>\n";
$grp_list .= "</select>\n";
<<  Code snipped  >>

        This section of code creates the "Default Shell" dropdown list and
the "Primary Group" dropdown list.  One of these lists is derived from the
ENUM values of the field, the other is derived from the values of a seperate

<<  Code snipped  >>
<form name="form1" method="post" action="account_final.php">

  while (isset($_POST['system'][$a])) { 
        echo "<td width=\"20%\"><div
        echo "<td width=\"20%\"><div
        echo "<td width=\"20%\"><div
        echo "<td width=\"20%\"><div align=\"center\"><input type=\"text\"
name=\"other\" value=\"\" size=\"15\"></div></td></tr>";
        $tmp = $sbcuid."-".$_POST['system'][$a];
        array_push( $accnts, $tmp );
            array_push( $shells, $shell );
            array_push( $grps, $grp );
            array_push( $others, $other );
<<  Code snipped  >>

        This section of code actually displays one line for each system
previously selected with additional input items for "Default Shell",
"Primary Group", and "Other Group".  This code also creates arrays of the
systems, shells, groups, and others which are passed onto the next page.
This system array is used to display the results as well as populate the
database, and the system array data is the only data actually being
displayed.  I do not think that the data for the other arrays is actually
getting populated.

<<  Code snipped  >>
  session_register("accnts", "shells", "grps", "others");

<div align="center">
    <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit">
<<  Code snipped  >>

        This section of code simply registers the arrays for use on the next

        Thanks in advance for any help.  Please let me know if you need any
other information to help figure out what is wrong with this.

Scott Nipp
Phone:  (214) 858-1289
Web:  http:\\ldsa.sbcld.sbc.com

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