I have asked my host to update the php software, as for now, I need to
know what the lines for changing the size of a picture is.  I couldn't
see any command lines for it, unless it is something different, I don't
know, so could you please show me.

I also need to know, if there is a possibility that php can change the
size of an image before it uploads it to the server (so it changes size
on the end-user's computer & not on the server - that way there would be
a shorter upload time).

Thanking You,

Dallas Freeman

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use the GD Library functions - look up on php.net

The GD library is available from http://www.boutell.com/
It is included by default with PHP 4.3.x

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Subject: [PHP-DB] Picture Upload

Is there a possibility that you can resize an image before uploading to
the server?
If so, how?
Dallas Freeman

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