Dear Mark, 

Thanks, very useful!  Can you direct me where for help on getting an
image to resize before it is even uploaded (inother words, it will
resize itself on the end-user's machine and then upload to the

Thanking You,

Dallas Freeman

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no there is no other way, and it is pritty easy if you get it..

i've made a special function for it, but got the code @ home

but read this:

and especially the user comments.. they are always very usefull


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Subject: [PHP-DB] Don't Understand

I don't understand how to use the gdImageCopyResized
gdImageCopyResized(gdImagePtr dst, gdImagePtr src, int dstX, int dstY,
int srcX, int srcY, int destW, int destH, int srcW, int srcH)
Thanking You
Dallas Freeman
* is there a simpler way to change the size of an image?

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