On Wednesday 12 March 2003 19:28, Patrick LOK wrote:
> It is possible to connect a remote db server using xxxxx_connect?
> e.g. a PostgreSQL in server PSQLDB, ip=  and a MSSQL server
> MSSQLDB, ip=
> I tried pgsql_connect("psqldb","administrator","") &
> pgsql_connect("","administrator","") but failed!
> Error is "Unable to connect to server: psqldb in psqltest.php on line 2" &
> "Unable to connect to server: in psqltest.php on line 2"

Yes, it is possible to connect to a remote DB server. You have to make sure 

a) the DB server in question is configured to accept remote connections
b) any intervening firewall is correctly configured to allow DB traffic

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