Even if the system is working correctly the first couple times, it may go
into an endless loop if you do not specify the right conditions, for any
programming application ...

I am very curious about this project ... is it open source?  If so, I'd be
interested in taking a look at how you implemented it.

Matthew Moldvan.

System Administrator,
Trilogy International, Inc.

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Well, I'm not locking them out exactly, but for good reason. When a url 
is first submitted it goes into the database with a checksum value of 0 
and a date of 0000-00-00.  If the checksum is 0 the spider will process 
that url and update the record with the proper info. If the checksum is 
not 0, then it checks the date. If the date is passed the date for 
reindexing then it goes ahead and updates the record, it also checks 
against the checksum to see if the url has changed, in which case it 

It does look like it's going into an endless loop, but the strange thing 
is that it goes through the loop successfully a couple of times first. 
That's what's got me confused.


Nelson Goforth wrote:

> Do you "lock out" the URLs that have already been indexed?  I'm 
> wondering if your system is going into an endless loop?

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