> I'm developing an intranet-based application using PHP and MySQL. We
> release new versions of our application regularly, and synchronizing
> structure of the databases is beginning to be a headache.
> Do any tools exist that would let me sync the structure of two
> databases? Ideally, I'd like to include a "mysqldump --no-data" (or
> something analogous) file with each of our releases, and run a script
> the client's server that would update the structure of their own local
> database from that file.
> We're cross-platform (windows, linux, and mac). And, all servers are
> behind their own firewalls.
> I'm aware of sqlyog (http://www.webyog.com/sqlyog/download.html), but
> need something that can be written in php, and works without a "live"
> connection to the "master" database.

I don't know of any automatic way to do it. It wouldn't be too hard to
write a little PHP script that gets the difference between two mysqldump
files and generates the appropriate ALTER and INSERT queries to bring
the old database up to date. An exec call do diff might even make it
easier (I don't know anything about diff, but I'm guessing it could
help.) Actually, now that I think a little more about it, it would be a
little hard, but not impossible. :)

---John W. Holmes...

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