I'm a beginner in PHP and Database connections

I'm accessing a MS Access database using PHP. Everything is working fine. I
get the data through an ODBC query and show it on an HTML format form so
that I can modify the data and re-post it. I tried to pass the values to a
second php file that has the updating query but no luck. My PHP didn't
accept passing variables at all. I'm using PHP 4.3.1 on IIS 5.1 server, I
even tried Apatche2 with no luck.

Is there a way to run an update query using data from a form in the same
page without the need for passing it to another page?, and what is wrong
with my server not allowing me to pass variables, is there a parameter in
the server I should set on?

Here is a test example for passing a variable that failed:

File 1: Test Passing a variable


echo "<html>\n";
echo "<body>\n";

echo "<form name=\"Update\" method=\"post\" ACTION=\"update.php\">\n";

echo "<p align=\"right\"><INPUT type=\"text\" NAME=\"sname\"
VALUE=\"$sname\" SIZE=30></td>\n";

echo "<P><INPUT TYPE=\"submit\" NAME=\"submit\" VALUE=\"Send\"></p>\n";

echo "</FORM>\n";

echo "</body>\n";
echo "</html>\n";



File 2: update.php


echo "<html>\n";
echo "<body>\n";

if (isset($sname)) {


        } else {

        print ("No data yet\n");


echo "</body>\n";
echo "</html>\n";


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