On Saturday 15 March 2003 12:42, Lars Rasmussen wrote:

This has nothing to do with php and db so it should have been posted to the 
php-general list.

> I'm about to make an open source backup module that works on php...
> The thing i want is for php to execute this command "tar cvzfp
> backup.tar.gz dir/*" BUT IN A SPECIAL WAY!
> I don't want the file backup.tar.gz to be on the server, it's supposed
> to either be deleted as fast as the user downloaded the file, or best of
> all, i want php to do something with the command such that it is ONLY
> output, and might be in the header....does anyone know how to do that ??
> If i did'nt explain right please let me know....

You can have tar _extract_ an archive onto stdout. But I don't think you can 
_create_ an archive and have it go to stdout. So you would _have_ to create a 
temporary file and delete it when you're finished with it.

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