I run Apache in 1.3.22 version, PHP 4.3.1 with Informix module. 
I have it on two machines: 
a) Windows NT 4.0 Workstation + SP 6.0
b) Windows NT 4.0 Server + SP 6.0

The same PHP scripts on a) it works perfectly, but on b) when I try to
connect to Informix server (on Unix SCO) I got 

"Warning: ifx_connect(): E [SQLSTATE=IX 000 SQLCODE=-461] in c:\program
files\...\errors\choice.php on line 26"

Informix documentation describes "-461" error as 

"File open error. 

The database server could not open a file required to execute this
statement. Sometimes this is a general error, possibly referring to a
message file that the database server cannot find. At other times this error
occurs because the locator (blob) structure field loc_loctype was set to
LOCFNAME, but the database server could not open the file using the pathname
in loc_fname and the flags in loc_oflags. Any of the following conditions
can cause the database server to report this error:

*  An environment variable setting is missing.
*  Not enough disk space is available for opening the file.
*  A file permission problem exists.
*  The limit on the number of open files was reached.
*  The database server could not access a blob of type LOCFNAME.
*  The database server is on a different machine from the client.
*  The statement transfers a value between a file and a BYTE or TEXT
*  The statement attempts to drop a database when a required file is not

Make sure your environment variables and file permissions are set correctly.
For more information, check for any accompanying ISAM error code or
operating-system message."

I have enviroment variables and file permissions set on b) machine, have
enough of disk space.

What may be a reason?



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