thx folks, 
I pretty much thought version 1 to be the best. 
I' wouldn't have known how to carry the result to other pages anyway.
> Hi,
> I've got a page with lot's of visitors every day and I sure hope to 
> get more, so I'm already thinking of performance. This is what I've
> got. 
> Users select one or more things out of a couple drop down menus,
> no big deal. Their selection is than shown, with a limitation of
> 20 results on the page. 
> Now comes my question, what is better speaking of performance: 
> When users go on to the next page, is it better to 
> provide the select statement again with a different integer for
> the limit? 
> Or is better to do a full select without a limitation on first page.
> But than I don't know how to provide the result set for the 
> next, next, ... page?
> What would be your choice? I'm open to suggestions, maybe somebody has
> a totally different idea. The limitation of 20 is a wish of my customer.
> I think, most vistors won't stay on page one, but will click thru
> some pages further. The max. number of results shown should be around
> 1000 hits.
> Jan
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