Without knowing your query, it is hard to say whether mysql can return the results you 

However, you can GROUP BY and SORT BY multiple columns in a single query.  The 
following simple query returns a subset of property owners grouped by lastname, 
alpabetized by group, and ordered by zipcode from a database I have at hand.  Mysql 
Version 4.0.1a

select last_name, zipcode from mytable where last_name like "sm%" group by last_name, 
zipcode order by last_name, zipcode;

You could simplify your life by combining your y,m,d fields into a single DATE type, 


On Tue, 18 Mar 2003 10:36:40 +0200, Edwin Boersma wrote:

>What about making an array with dates, that you compiled from Year, 
>Month, Date using mktime(), and sort that?
>Bill wrote:
>> I have a query that returns results including the fields Year, Month, and Day
>> that I want to sort by date.
>> Because of the nature of the query (it includes a GROUP BY statement), I cannot
>> sort it in the query.
>> How can I sort the results?
>> I tried to use asort() while designating the field but that didn't work.
>> while ($crow=mysql_fetch_array($cresult)) {
>>   $therow[]=$crow;
>> }
>> asort($therow["Year"]);
>> reset($therow);
>> asort($therow["Month"]);
>> reset($therow);
>> asort($therow["Day"]);
>> reset($therow);
>> ideas?
>> kind regards,
>> bill
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