guess it is hard to answer this with so less information

first show us how the table defenition is... how it is build up and then
which fields you want to show to the user!

then I or others can help you much more!!


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I have a question about how to display results.  I am using PHP with a mysql
database through yahoo webhosting.  I've created a form (html & javascript)
that lets the user post data to one of the tables in my database.  On a
separate page, I've created a form that will do a SELECT * FROM search (by
zipcode) on the database that the user posted data to. 

Now here's my question..

I want the query to search the db and return results for matching zip  codes
and display that plus the other info that was posted by the user. 

I have it right now so that the results displayed are simply only the zip
code that matches is coming back and it displays how ever many times in

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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