> currently I'm working with an Interbase 6.0 database and I 
> want to insert
> some text (and eventually a picture) to a blob field. I've found the
> following php code:
> $bid = ibase_blob_create();
> ibase_blob_add($bid, "test");
> $comments_blob = ibase_blob_close($bid);
> $sql = "UPDATE tblcontent SET Metadata=? WHERE id=1";
> ibase_query($sql,$comments_blob);
> ibase_commit();
> When I try to retrieve this blobdata, I use the following code:
> $set = ibase_query("SELECT Metadata FROM tblcontent WHERE ID = 1");
> $row = ibase_fetch_object($set);
> $blob_id = ibase_blob_open($row->Metadata);
> $content = ibase_blob_get($blob_id);
> ibase_blob_close($blob_id);
> ibase_free_result($set);
> $content returns an empty string.
> I don't know if it goes wrong updating the data, or 
> retrieving the data.
> Can anybody help me out here....

I've experienced flakiness using blobs with php.  I did get it to work,
however.  When I insert my text, I do not use a blob.  When I retrieved the
results, I would use all capital letters for the field name, and I made use
of the ibase_blob_info() function:

        $blob_data      = ibase_blob_info( $row->METADATA );
        $blob_hndl      = ibase_blob_open( $row->METADATA );
        $content        = ibase_blob_get(  $blob_hndl, $blob_data[0] ));
      ibase_blob_close( $blob_hndl);

Hope this has some hints,

Patrick May

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