>       I am curious about what you guys may have along the lines of
> practices for forwarding from a URL to a login, and then jumping back
> the
> original URL automatically.  I have several separate applications that
> need to utilize the same login mechanism.  I want the user to be able
> enter the URL for the application and if they are not logged in it
> redirects
> them to a login screen.  I already have the sessions junk setup and
> understand all of that portion.  I am mainly interested in how people
> handling the return to a URL after successful login.
>       I have done some research on this, and discovered the
> variable however the PHP site discourages using this.  I have also
> of adding code to each page to export an "origin" variable to be
passed to
> the login page such that it can be used to return the user.  I thought
> this method, but I am not real clear on how to manage this.  Does
> have any suggestion on implementing this, or another alternative that
> have
> not touched on yet?  Thanks in advance.

I use a method like this. When you go to a page, an include file is
going to check for a valid session. If a certain session variable does
not exist (even though a session is always there), then it "re-creates"
the current request using $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'], $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],
and $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] and saves that in the session. When the
login is validated, the processing script looks in the session to see if
one of these URLs are set. If it is, it redirects to it using header().
To the end user, it's pretty much transparent. 

I will not deal with POST requests, though, but hopefully that's not a

---John W. Holmes...

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