I am assuming English isn't your first language.

Yes, fuck is definitely swearing, cursing, or whatever else you would like
to call it.  And yes, it is considered rude in our culture. :D

So there. :)

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Swearing???? Well, the word 'fuck' is a bit rude, but I don't think it is 
swearing. But I get the reactions that I was looking for :-)

At 11:34 19-3-03, you wrote:
>Hi Edwin
>On Wednesday 19 March 2003 17:21, Edwin Boersma wrote:
> > What the fuck R U doing in my thread??????????/
> >
> > Rajni Arya wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > >      Does PHP supprots Flash files on Open BSD platform ?
>Yes, it's rude to hijack threads. And if you search the archives, I often
>berate people for doing so. BUT there's absolutely no need and no place for
>swearing on a public forum such as this list.
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