I'm trying to interlace the results from a left-join
query with a regular select result. I have two tables:
Aplications and States (state as in: the states of
Florida and California). Each aplication in the
Aplications table contains a state_id, which matches
an id of a state in the States table. In the States
table each state has a description that is it's full
name (e.g. Virginia). 
So the tables look something like this:
##Table Aplications##
Name        Version  Category     State_Id
Windows       2000     OS             2
FreeBSD       5.0      OS             7

##Table States##
id       Descr
 2     Washington
 7     California

Let's say my query and results are set up like:
$sql = "select * from aplications";
$result = mysql_query($sql, $link);
$row = @ mysql_fetch_array($result);

I then feed the results into an html table that
displays the software, using $row["Name"],
$row["Version"] etc.
BUT my problem is that I need a second sql statement
that looksup and returns the state description, so
that it's included in the table.
So the html row for FreeBSD will look like:
Name     Version   Category      State
FreeBSD    5.0        OS      California

I realize I need a left join sql statement, but what I
don't understand is how to make a query for each piece
of software and have the results displayed in a column
of the html table.
Btw I need a seperate state table because the states
are used by other aplications apart from my own.

I Hope I've been able to explain it correctly.



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