I have been using php --with-interbase for some time
and I enjoy using php scripts to everything so I did
some small scripts to use as a datapump to the interbase.

My scripts relay on the fact that I can have two
simultaneos connections to the different databases
in order to pump data from one to another.

Since I allways update my CGI version of php e also
I am using the latest stable version of firebird, I
believe that something has happend that changed the
behavior of my php scrips.

Now, when I do the second connection, everything looks
like the second one takes command over the first one.

I could verify this with some changes in my script.

Does anyone knows about such behavior?

I may post my script if anyone is interested,
but there is nothing really special about it besides
two connections to the interbase.
By the way, I am using persistent connections.

Thank you!

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