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> [ and ] are illegal characters. #javascript

I'm coming into this a bit late, so I'm not sure exactly what you wish to

You can use JavaScript to refer to checkbox items in the format:


In my MySTRI database table administration program, I have an "x" button
that allows you to select all displayed rows to mark for deletion.  The
button looks like:

title="Check/Uncheck All"
value=" X " 
for (var q = 0; q < document.forms[1].length; q++) {
document.forms[1].elements[q].checked =

The checkbox fields look like:

<input type="checkbox" name="delete_rows[]" value="25679">

Not as easy as referring to the name element, but it works very well.

Another idea is to use "id" elements for JavaScript / DOM interaction and
reserve the "name" elements for php.  That should work on any modern browser
(sorry, no Netscape 4.x).



Paul Burney

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