Ok So I have my Database/Tables all set up.  What I wanna know how to do /
find a tutorial on is how I might go about  including details longer than
255 characters that are referenced by a mysql query.  So basically I have
some thing like this on the inputs:


Now the comments Section, I basically want to type in whatever I want.
Since that could be larger than 255 characters how do I get mysql to
reference that chunck of text in a query.  I imagine the text will have to
be stored outside the DB and read in to the HTML at an appropriate time or
done like a message board or something. I would also like to keep it
searchable. So that I could do a search through the whole DB and keep
comments included in that search....  well maybe do a drop down that
references the various fields to search and if you select comments you would
get a select like "select * from data where comments =$input"

Anyway if someone could point me in the right direction I would be very


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