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> Can anyone out there compare these two using with mysql and web apps -

Well you've got a few good responses on this so I'll just add a bit. 

If you do Perl you really *ought* to do mod_perl. It not only gives 
you all the speed of PHP if not more, it gives you control of  
apache. You can intercept the apache request phases with mod_perl.

One, imho, major reason for choosing PHP is for the ease of 
application deployment. It is ever so much easier to deploy PHP apps 
than Perl apps (unless the Perl app is written as a very plain cgi 
and uses no or few CPAN modules, extropia is an example). Of course a 
lot of the apps written in PHP drive me nuts and I don't use them but 
with Smarty and a more OO approach you can develop some apps that are 
easy to debug and evolve.  If you choose PHP be sure to visit 
pear.php.net and smarty.php.net

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go 
-- Philip K. Dick

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