i'm not very good with php and mysql, so this can look like a silly easy question.

I have a mysql database named 'oh'. there are 20 tables under it.
Now, i want to store 1 image and some text (8 to be exact) in a table.

I want to have 1 table with 3 column, and the first two are divided into 8 rows each.

1st column, 1st row, shows like this example : the boss :
2nd column, 1st row, shows                   : mr.Van dooren
3rd column is for image)

what i should retrieve from my table is the actual name of the field (boss), the value of that field (mr.Van dooren) en one time an image.

How can i load them into such a table?

with this code, i can show 1 image. :os


$sql = @mysql_query("SELECT picture_right FROM info_general") or die (mysql_error());
while($a_row = mysql_fetch_array($sql))
$img_1= $a_row["picture_right"];
<img src="<? echo($img_1); ?>">

Can someone help me please?


Gert Vonck

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