> I have a large sql file that I would like to load into mysql database
> a
> remote client.  Is there a way through a php script to do this?
> I have tried $query = " <contents of database.sql> "; (where the
> of
> the sql file was pasted into the query)
> then $results = mysql_db_query("database", $query);
> but it fails.  Any ideas or experience?

You can only run one query at a time. If it is a really large file,
you'll probably want to make an exec() call to have mysql load the file

$result = `mysql -uroot -ppassword database_name < filename.sql`

Those are backticks, not single quotes. $result should be empty if
everything went well. Adapt to your needs. 

Or, here's part of a little script I wrote that'll read and execute
*.sql files (from MySQLDump). The str_replace() adds in a table prefix.
This works with my script using ADOdb, so adapt to your needs. 

$sql_file = 'survey2.inc';            
$file = file($sql_file);
foreach($file as $line)
    if($line{0} != '#' && strlen($line) > 0)
        $query .= trim($line);
        if(substr($query,-1) == ";")
            $query =
            $query = substr($query,0,-1);

            $rs = $survey->db->Execute($query);
            if($rs === FALSE)
                $error = TRUE;
                echo '<br><br>' . $survey->db->ErrorMsg();
            $query = '';

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