I have a query to update a database via PHP after a
form is inputed.  The form results do a match to the
database and if a match occours updates a field with
+1 and if no matches it does nothing.  

Now I want it so if +1 is done I want another table to
update as +1 also.  How would I achieve this in PHP? 
I'd prefer to keep it all on one page to make it alot
easier to manage.  SO if +1 in table1 than update
table2 with +1 also.  If no matches than do nothing to

Could someone please help me with this, is it a 'if'
statement or something?  Help is appreciated and
thanks in advance.

I alsready have the script to update table1 and does
this fine but am not sure how to do mulitple queries
in the one PHP page.


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