Dear Online Business Opportunity Seekers

Why CCI ?

CCI, Core Club International is  a 3 year old, 
Federally registered non-profit humanitarian
aid, corporation.

Federal EIN  # 93-1324671
State Reg. # 036394-99
Established April 17, 2000
CCI was set up to help eradicate poverty in the 
world beginning with YOU !



Could you use an additional income of $4,000 a 
month...every month ?

Step 1

It's as easy as joining CCI for $9.99 and the CCI
upgrade for an additional $9.99...That's a total
of $19.98...For under $20 you can start your own
business which will begin to return a real monthly
income within just a few months.

Step 2

Invite 4 members into CCI just like you...People
who want to be making $4,000 in six months...
Then help your 4 new members do the same as
you...which is find their 4 people who want to be
making $4,000 in six months.


That's it...It's that easy... You've now set something
in motion...A boulder tumbling down a hill that will
begin to pick up momentum as it continues, until
it becomes an avalanche !

This is what your avalanche will look like as it
picks up momentum...

1st Month -- Your monthly fees are covered once
you have invited your 4 CCI members at $19.98 each.
2nd Month -- You receive a check for $18.99
3rd Month --  You receive a check for $100
4th Month --  You receive a check for $200
5th Month --  You receive a check for $1,300
6th Month --  You receive a check for $4,000
and every month thereafter !!!



We have the tools, 1,000's of training videos,
auto-responders, traffic generators and training
by some of the Internets top marketers on how
to use them.

Let's get started TODAY...The only thing that
stands in your way of $4,000 a 4
people...If you are serious I will help you get 


Before you go, it's important to know also that CCI,
is the core company of the much awaited MegaOpp.
When MegaOpp launched, the spillovers into CCI will be 
massive.  Position yourself now.  

If you need more info on MegaOpp.  Send me an email 
and I will be happy to fill you in.

Questions - Email Me...

To Your Success,

Chew Tee Khim


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