I have an opened connection to MS SQL Server 7
and I try to do this:

$commit = FALSE;

// SELECT @@TRANCOUNT returns 0 here = OK

if(mssql_query("BEGIN TRANSACTION")) {
  // SELECT @@TRANCOUNT returns 1 here = OK

  if(mssql_query("INSERT INTO TABLE (DATE) VALUES ('$date')")) {

    // ...

    $commit = TRUE;
  if($commit) {
    mssql_query("COMMIT TRANSACTION");
    return TRUE;
  else {
    mssql_query("ROLLBACK TRANSACTION");
    return FALSE;
  return FALSE;

When INSERT is done without errors, everything is OK.
But when it is not possible to insert data into a table
for any reason, SQL server returns this error message:

The ROLLBACK TRANSACTION request has no corresponding BEGIN 
TRANSACTION. (severity 16) in ... .php

But using SELECT @@TRANCOUNT I can check that TRANSACTION
is started, I tried to name the transaction, it didn't help.

I thought it is because I can't COMMIT/ROLLBACK empty
transaction, but this works fine:

mssql_query("BEGIN TRANSACTION");

What's wrong?!?

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