Scott V Nipp <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>        I am working on a page that displays a line of information with a
> checkbox at the end.  I began by getting all of the information I wanted
> displayed working properly and now I am adding the checkbox.  Everything is
> going find with the exception that all  of a sudden with the checkbox code
> in I am getting an empty line and checkbox at the beginning of the loop.  I
> cannot figure out where this is coming from.  Please let me know where I
> have gone wrong.

Snipping a lot so you can see the problem: 

> <table width="90%" bgcolor="#CCCCCC" cellspacing="0">
> <form method=post action="account_details.php">
> </table>
> </form>

Your nesting is bad. Put the <form> tag before the table.
And you don't have a <tr> in your loop.


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