yeh, this is somewhat off topic but anyway -

for dreamweaver start at the source - ;
there's simply loads of web design sites eg ..
or (old version of dw here
but maybe worth a look anyway)
many, many more ...

now, do 'not' be confused by dreamweaver templates and php based template
engines - totally different (and mutually exclusive) techniques (but with
the same end objective) Dreamweaver templates reuse your html to construct
all the site pages as a one off exercise on the site development machine,
php based engines work on the web server and construct each page from the
underlying template(s) everytime the (php) page is called - if this doesn't
make sense then have a play with both techniques and you'll see immediately
how different they are.

I'd strongly recommend if you go down php templating route you give Smarty
( a go.

Good luck!

David Eisenhart

"Scott V Nipp" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Anyone have an links to websites that offer good tutorials on web
> design?  I am most interested in learning about templates and how to
> these for use with PHP pages.  I am using DreamWeaver MX as a development
> environment and would really like some help with DreamWeaver templates if
> anyone knows of any.  Any good book recommendations would be most
> appreciated too.  Thanks, and sorry for the slightly off topic post.
> Scott Nipp
> Phone:  (214) 858-1289
> Web:  http:\\

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