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LW> Cool dude - can you demo a sample application that uses it?

There three example in dybase\php directory:
guess.php, testindex.php and testlink.php

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LW> From: Konstantin Knizhnik [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
LW> Sent: Wednesday, 26 March 2003 10:32 PM
LW> Subject: [PHP-DB] Embedded Object Oriented Database System for PHP

LW> I would like to announce embedded object oriented database for
LW> languages with dynamic type checking: DyBASE. Currently APIs for Python,
LW> Ruby
LW> and PHP are available.

LW> DyBASE is easy to use and provide high performance. It is intended to be
LW> used in applications
LW> which needs to deal with persistent data in more sophisticated way than
LW> load/store object tree
LW> provided by standard serialization mechanism. Although DyBASE is very
LW> simple, it provides fault
LW> tolerant support (ACID transactions) and concurrent access to the database.

LW> DyBASE is free and open source software distributed under MIT license.
LW> You can find more information about it and download this product at
LW> www.garret.ru/~knizhnik/dybase.html

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