Hi list.

I have no real education in PHP or postgre, so forgive me if I dont use the correct language or expressions.
I have a small problem that is probably easily solved if you just know how to do it.

I have a PHP interface over a postgreSQL database, where I can search, add, delete or modify records.
Now, when adding a new record, a query could look something like this:
$query = "insert into logs values (nextval('public.logs_log_id_seq'::text),$id,'$logtext','now','$_SERVER[PHP_AUTH_USER]');";

The first value, the "nextval" thingie (if someone could give me the correct term for such a feature I would appriciate it) gives the added row a unique serial number. How do I figure out the serial my newly added row was assigned?
What I want to do is something like
'echo "Your submission was accepted and assigned log ID $log_id"; '
directly below the $query line. How do I get the correct value into $log_id?

Hopefully, someone understands my confused rantings and can give me directions to some documentation or maybe even the name of a variable I can use. :)



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