So Iraq does not heed United Nations (UN) resolutions? And what
about Bush, who has just dealt the most resounding blow ever to
international legality? And what about Israel, the leading
specialist in ignoring UN resolutions?

Iraq has ignored 17 UN resolutions, Israel 64. Will Bush bomb
his most loyal ally?

* * *

Iraq was devastated by the war waged by Bush senior in 1991and
has been starved by the blockade following it. What weapons of
mass destruction can so thoroughly ruined a country possess?

Israel, which has been usurping Palestinian land since 1967, has
an arsenal of nuclear weapons that guarantees its impunity. And
then Pakistan, another faithful ally and furthermore a notorious
hotbed of terrorists, flaunts its own nuclear warheads. But the
enemy is Iraq, because Iraq "could possess" such weapons. If it
did indeed possess them, as North Korea claims to do, would they
be so keen to attack? And what about chemical and biological

Who sold Saddam Hussein the chemicals he needed to make the
poison gases that asphyxiated Kurds, and the helicopters they
were launched from? Why won't Bush let us see the receipts?

In those years of war against Iran and war against the Kurds,
was Saddam any less of a dictator than he is now? Donald
Rumsfeld himself visited him on a mission of friendship. Why are
we so concerned about the Kurds of Iraq and not about the much
greater number of Kurds murdered in Turkey?

* * *

Defence Secretary Rumsfeld has announced that his country will
use "non-lethal gases" against Iraq. Will these be the kind of
non-lethal gases that Vladimir Putin used last year in a Moscow
theatre, killing over a hundred hostages?

* * *

There were a few days there when the United Nations covered up
Picasso's Guernica with a curtain so that Colin Powell would not
be put off his bugle calls by such nasty scenes.

What size of curtain will they use to cover up the butchery in
Iraq, in the form of blanket censorship imposed on war
correspondents by the Pentagon?

* * *

Where will the souls of the Iraqi victims go? According to
reverend Billy Graham, president Bush's spiritual adviser and
celestial surveyor, paradise is none too roomy - no more than
fifteen hundred square miles. The chosen will be few. Now guess
which country has bought up all the entrance tickets?

* * *

And one last question, borrowed from John Le Carré:
- Will they kill many people, daddy?
- No-one you know, dear. Just foreigners.

[translated by Alistair Ross]

If we can't spare a moment, will this nonsense ever stop ?

CK Raju

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