Hi Kiswa,

You are using mixing programming styles incorrectly.

"Kiswa" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Server Win2000 +ISS5 +PHP
> Trying to get access to an access DB through COM but i wont work. there is
> no results generated.
> Can anyone help me
> Here is the code
> $rownum =0;
> $conn = &ADONewConnection('access');
> $conn->PConnect('webdb.mdb');
> $result = &$conn->Execute('SELECT Produkt, Artikelnr, Pris, Lagerstatus,
> Beskrivning, Kategori, Bild FROM Data');

Using ADOdb
>   while(odbc_fetch_row($result)){
>   $Produkt = odbc_result($result, Produkt);
>   $Artikelnr = odbc_result($result, Artikelnr);
>   $Pris = odbc_result($result, Pris);
>   $Lagerstatus = odbc_result($result, Lagerstatus);
>   $Beskrivning = odbc_result($result, Beskrivning);
>   $Kategori = odbc_result($result, Kategori);
>   $Bild = odbc_result($result, Bild);

Then using native odbc, which will not work because $result is an ADOdb
and not odbc resultid.

Hope this helps. John

PS: ODBC does not use COM.

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