Just to illustrate how you'd go about doing this:

- User uploads image & description
- You resize image with GD functions (look at imagecopyresized())
- Store URL and description to the mySQL table you made

It's a very simple thing to do once you organize your file structure where
you're going to be storing the images. To retrieve them, you just need to
know the image's ID and query based upon that. From there, you can access
the image's URL or caption as you need.

You can very easily create a script to display the images by querying the DB
for X entries and displaying them per page.

What you're basically describing is the functionality that MANY blogs have.
You can probably find some free scripts online with a minimum amount of


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        Hi.  I want to use PHP and MySQL to help make it easier to put
pictures on a website.  What I want to do is make a page that allows the
client to submit a picture (or a bunch of pictures) and a caption for
each picture to me via a form of some sort.  Then, once the file gets
here, I would like it to resize the photo to a preset size and store it
with it's caption.  Is this possible?  If so, is there also a way to get
php to dynamically design a web page with each of these photos (complete
with their captions) on it?  I am using PHP 4.2 and MySql 3.23.  Thanks
in advance for any help.


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