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> WHen I retrieve this data from php to display on my webpage I 
> get this:
> Globe and Mail data are retrieved and processed for CustomSearch. 
> On the R30, the crontab entry: 
> 0 4 * * 1-6 /usr1/applic/ntgm/ntgm_get.pl 
> will run the Perl script at 4 a.m. everyday to retrieve the 
> data from Globe
> and Mail. It will look for the fi
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> P.S. I have set the limit of the mssql table to have 8000 
> character, so it should exceed the limit, but I just don't know
> why it takes only 6 lines of the total 11 lines of what I had in
> the mssql table.

That looks suspiciously close to 255 characters, which I believe is the
maximum size of a char() or varchar() column.  If this column is either
of those types, you might consider changing it to 'text'.

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